The competition, made up of 3 sections, is open to Belgian photographers..


The subject is free. It is forbidden to present very similar works in the different categories.

Only one of these images can be accepted.


All IDPs must be original and may not incorporate material borrowed from other people, nor infringe copyright law. By virtue of the registration, the participant certifies the work as his own.


3 Sections


M – IDP Monochrome Class (M)

 C- IDP Color Class (C)

C- IDP The Red (C+M)

Number of files : 4 IDP per author and per section


Registration via the link below :

IDP Format: 1920 x 1080 pixels en 300 dpi (2 Mo)


The judgment will be made on a Sony Full HD Video projector screen with dimensions of 1920x1080.


Unique Cost IMAGES PROJETEES (IDP - PID) (par auteur)  15€

Payment only by bank transfer


Destinataire du paiement

IBAN : BE42 7765 9024 0754 BIC : GKCCBE88

Photo Dia Club Zoom

Rue du Collège 31  4600 Visé

Communication: your name + email address



The IDPs will be judged in a random order and projected on a Sony Full HD video projector at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.


The organizers reserve the right to reproduce the images accepted in the digital catalog, on the website and for the promotion of the show (without compensation).


The distinctions (diplomas and prices) will be awarded to the most deserving works.

The Royal Photo-club Zoom Committee declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of the images sent.


The jury's decisions are final. Each participant is deemed to have read the rules.


In the event of a dispute, only the Royal Photo-club Zoom Committee remains judge and only the French text prevails.


Judgment sessions are not public.


If, at any time, the exhibition organizer or the judges are convinced, before, during or after the judgment, that a participant would have submitted entries for which one or more images do not comply with these conditions of participation, including the definitions set out, they reserve the right to refuse entry to the exhibition to such a participant and to cancel any acceptance or award linked to this competition. Consequently, the costs could be lost or reimbursed. Therefore, the participant recognizes that the decision of the organizers or the judges is final.


In order to ensure that the images comply with the entry conditions and the regulations, the exhibition organizers may take reasonable measures to verify that:


a) the images are the participant's original work;


b) the images comply with the rules and definitions set out in these entry conditions.


These steps include, without limitation, questions to the address of any participant, the submission of RAW files or other digital files representing the original capture of the submitted image, confronting the participant with evidence that a or several images presented would not comply with the conditions of participation (also known as participation rules) and offer the participant a reasonable opportunity to provide a counter argument to refute the evidence of the organizer of the exposure within a specified time. The latter is the only person empowered to decide and the participant accepts the decision.



Your email address and contact details will not be made public.



Président of the salon 2020.

M Philippe Rikir

17 Rue du Gue 4670 Mortier


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